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Gaia + Healing our Broken Earth

Mother Earth is hurting right now. She is angry. Livid, even. She is angry about the way that we've been treating her. It is unacceptable. Polluting her air, her water, her land. Abusing the animals that were put here. Not respecting nature.

The world needs our healing and light right now more than ever. She is asking us light workers, those who are actively working and also those who are still undercover, to rise up now. To help others understand what is happening to our earth. It's confusing, devastating, and heartbreaking but we cannot give up now.

All of these events were set in motion by the solar eclipse in August 2017. It was an intense, tumultuous month. The energy was very charged on that day, but the energy of solar eclipses are truly set in motion in the months and years to follow. We will notice the effects of the solar eclipse for many years.

Natural disasters are occurring: hurricanes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes.... and unfortunately they will continue to for the next couple of years. Politically the world is in a state of disharmony. People of colour and other oppressed groups are still being discriminated against.

Earth may seem like a very scary place to be right now. However, there are steps that we can take to unite and heal our broken earth.

Send love to Mother Earth and Gaia

Speak to her in mediation. Tell her you understand why she is angry and you want to help her. Send her endless amounts of love, light, and understanding. Put your hands and feet on the earth and visualize yourself sending her green healing energy. Ask for harmony and peace. Vow to help her; and vow to help others understand how to treat her better.

Get outside. While you're there, tell the Earth how grateful you are for her. Tell her where you are and what you're doing to help.

Send peace and protection to the families affected by hurricanes, fires, floods, and earthquakes and other natural disasters and victims of terror attacks all around the world.

Eat beautiful vegan meals that involve no suffering. Thank Mother Earth for your ability to have access to this healing food without harming other beings in the process.

Communicate to the plants, trees, and animals around you. Tell them you love them and you are trying to help.

Send love to other humans around you. Love and accept every being. Help those in need. Make eye contact. Envelope other humans in your love. We are all doing this together.

(NOTE: *If you're familiar with energy work, you can actually send soothing energy to Hurricane Irma and ask her to be still. There are many talented energy workers in my spiritual circles who are working with the energy of Irma now and are helping to calm her and move her energy away from land and into the Atlantic)

Our world is in trouble, dear ones.

This is not the time to be scared and retreat. It's the time to rise up and come together.

Sending all of my protective energy to those affected by natural disasters at this time,

Emily xx

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