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What Your Guides Want You to Know

Tonight, after a long blissful meditation, I had some guidance come through with some messages for the collective. What follows is a bunch of quick points that I wrote down incredibly quickly. I don't feel that I need to string this guidance together with filler, as the messages are so powerful just as they are. Enjoy!

Stop playing it safe. Your angels and guides are getting restless watching you move through the same cycles of doubt and fear. Trust the signs they are giving you. They are done with being subtle. When you notice a sign that you are unequivocally sure is the spirit world sending you a message: TRUST THAT. Trust your vibes. You are correct, every time.

I know that the universe doesn't want to see us suffer anymore in the material world. I feel this message is heightened following the Taurus full moon we had this past weekend. They want us to step into our true purpose without looking back because they want us to be truly happy. Being truly happy means be aligned with your true life purpose that you planned before you incarnated on earth.

If something feels wrong, that's because it is.

Stop questioning. Stop doubting yourself.

Your guides will continue to be more and more persistent with their messages until you follow through. They are not going to tolerate being ignored any longer.

Your guides do not want your human experience to be ordinary, miserable, or devoid of meaning.

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