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Energy Centers of the World

Everything is energy. Our thoughts, our words, our intentions, and even our physical bodies. Our houses are energy, our pets are energy, we ARE energy.

In our bodies, we have energy centers called chakras, and "veins" through which prana flows called nadis. We have 7 well-known chakras (I say "well-known" because we actually have many more- but thats another story for another day!) and over 72,000 nadi channels through which energy flows. (For more information on chakra's and nadis visit:

So is it any surprise to us that our planet has these same energy centres and passageways that transmit energy as well? Of course not!

Various maps of the body are available through modern science and older modalities such as acupressure and acupuncture, our earth has these same energy centres. Its known as the "planetary energetic grid theory" and relates very closely to sacred geometry. It really is literal when people say that we are mirrors of the universe.

What's even more interesting is that this planetary grid map also aligns to the astrological maps of the sky. We are connected to everything in the entire universe.

What's really interesting is that this planetary grid map also aligns to maps of the stars. Gasp!!!!

These veins or passageways of energy transmission are known as "ley lines" and where ley lines intersect are known to be some of the most powerful sites on earth. These sites are spiritually significant, and those who visit these locations note that there is a supercharged energy buzz that they can actually feel in the air.

Some well known places where ley lines intersect and there is a very strong energy current are listed below:

  • Mount Shasta, California, USA

  • Stonehenge, England

  • The Great Pyramids, Jerusalem, Mt. Sinai, and Mt. Olives

  • Bermuda Triangle

  • Maui, Hawaii

  • Calgary, Canada

  • Easter Island

  • Bali, Indonesia

  • Capetown, South Africa

I also strongly believe that some cities have stronger energy currents as well. (perhaps because they are closer to ley lines?) For instance, have you ever entered city limits or crossed a border and felt an instant buzz? Or, in contrast have you been in a place where your channel felt dulled or not as strong?

This can be very important for those who work in the healing path: psychics, mediums, healers etc as keeping the connection to spirit strong is an important part of their work.

To give a personal example, in my hometown of Barrie, Ontario, Canada... my channel does not feel as strong. When I enter Barrie it almost feels as if my channel "powers down" or goes into sleep mode so to speak. It almost feels as if there is a block of concrete over top of my crown chakra, blocking any information from the divine.

However, in the city that I am living in now, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, my channel feels incredibly strong and I am able to receive guidance for myself and others very easily.

Here's to exploring the different energy imprints of Mother Earth....

With love,


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