Private Psychic Development 


I believe that every human being that incarnates on this earth is intuitive. We are born naturally tapped into our soul's path, our inner voice, and we are so aware of energy and use all of the  psychic senses as children. Around the age of 8-10 years old, children start to float farther and farther away from their innate psychic ability due to a variety of factors. Their psychic channels are shut down, and they are taught by society not to pay attention to their intuition. Depending on support from the family group and resources available, some children may continue to develop their intuitive gifts. Others, remember and AWAKEN again to their intuitive gifts and psychic ability later in life. 

I developed this custom mentorship program to remind you that you are a naturally intuitive being. You have the power to tap into your psychic senses every single day to feel more connected with Spirit, more connected with your life's purpose, and in general more PASSIONATE and CURIOUS about your human experience. 

One of the most frequent questions I get from my 1:1 clients is, "Is there a way to develop and practice psychic gifts?"

My answer of course, is YES!


I created this program as a space for those who are curious about intuition and psychic work but are not currently practicing, or those who are comfortably practicing their gifts and want to develop further, and those who are practicing their psychic gifts with clients and want to expand their gifts further in order to better serve them.  

Here's an example of some of the content we cover in this mentorship program:

  • ​Determining predominant means of psychic connection

  • Psychic protection basics

  • Exploring the main means of psychic connection using intuitive guidance and exercises

  • Learning all about psychic development guidelines, and how to stay in integrity and objectivity 

  • Exploring the common symptoms of an increase in psychic energy

  • Exploring the connection with your spirit guides 

  • Exploring the energetic bodies and the auric field

  • Sensing emotional energy of others

  • Psychometry

  • Scrying 

  • A 20 page interactive workbook will be emailed to you prior to the start of the program which is packed with psychic protection techniques, exercises, meditations and more! 

Here's what previous participant's are saying about their experience with this program...

" "I don't generally see myself as having any sort of psychic ability but I do believe it can be learnt and cultivated. I also believe that it lives in everyone and it is a valuable skill to have in every day life and in business. I adore Emily and her healing work with Anu Vibrance and have had massive shifts there so I knew that Emily's signature course would also be very impactful. I was not disappointed! I had so much fun learning beside the other women and practicing our gifts and we were given a loving and safe space to grow.  I felt safe and valued and free to be myself in this program and I am so glad I went for it!" 

  •                                                           Samantha Klein 

I offer this private mentorship program as means to help your further understand and develop your intuitive gifts, and guide you through the process of developing and launching your own spiritual business. Interested? Book your FREE discovery call here.

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