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When I started my business 4 years ago, it was my biggest dream to create a community that could connect my past and current clients: people who were interested in my work and my teachings, and those who were interested in developing their intuition, developing a sense of powerful self awareness and self-trust, developing psychic abilities, and mediumship abilities, and connecting with like-minded people who were interested in the same. Ultimately, my biggest dream has ALWAYS been to empower you into your own intuitive power and your sovereign self identity. This community is the space that allows you to have access to AMAZING resources from me while doing JUST that, all while connecting with others in the community for support and inspiration.

Emily the Medium: The Collective is an accessible monthly subscription service for the person who is interested in my work and wants to dive in deeper, who is interested in group mentorship (maybe private mentorship hasn't been accessible for you), is interested in receiving psychic energy updates week to week, is interested in having an ability to practice and develop their intuition with others in the collective... and SO much more. See below for more details!
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Here's what's included in Emily the Medium: The Collective

  Weekly energy updates and Spirit messages 

  Live mini readings 

  Intuitive/psychic development workshops 

  Group connection 

  Inspirational teachings straight from Spirit 

  Guest experts and teachers 

  Monthly energy themes based on current energies and events 


How much does it cost and how do I pay?

You get all of the above, and SO much more for $77 USD/ month. Payment is completed through PayPal (please let me know if need an alternate payment option).

Is this a long-term commitment?

You can cancel anytime - no questions asked

When can I join?

You can join ANYTIME

Where will the collective be hosted?

Emily the Medium: The Collective will be hosted in a private Facebook group - some of the classes will be hosted within the Facebook group, and others will be hosted on Zoom.

Sample of the Monthly Calendar

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If you have any questions about joining the Collective at all, please feel free to email for clarification! I am SO excited to get started with you. If you're ready to go, hit the 'Join the Collective' button below to complete your first payment, and my team will be in touch shortly to send out your welcome email and to welcome you into the group space!



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