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By purchasing a service I (Emily Greene) offer or by participating on this website, EMILYTHEMEDIUM.COM you agree to the following declaration and policies: 


I __________ (your name) understand that all services provided by Emily the Medium are based on intuitive and energy healing principles, and are not based on a professional medical perspective. I acknowledge that Emily the Medium cannot be held liable for any of my decisions, or for the state of my health, following any of her healing sessions or readings as she is not a licensed medical professional. Her expertise relies solely on her intuitive observation and is in no way under any circumstances intended to replace diagnosis and treatment of any psychological or physical ailment I may experience. By purchasing a product or service you recognize that energy healing is NOT meant to replace traditional medical treatment, and energy healing can only be used in harmony with my main health care provider's detailed healing plan of my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. I agree that if I need additional support in any way during or following any of Emily the Medium's sessions, it is my responsibility to seek appropriate care.

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