$188 USD

1 hour Zoom Call 


Emily is a psychic medium and healer who uses her gifts to empower you and guide you home to your highest potential. She works as a conduit for the spirit realm, and works alongside your spirit guides and angels to bring forward to guidance and healing messages. Anything can happen in a healing session, whether that's psychic messages regarding what's coming up next for you in your life and biz, or distance energy healing to help integrate everything that we talked about in session. Emily always says that what comes forward in a healing session is exactly what your soul needs to hear.



$188 USD

1 hour Zoom Call 


For many years, Emily has been connecting women and their partners with the souls of their children; whether they are currently pregnant, trying to conceive, struggling to conceive, going through fertility treatments, after they've experiences a miscarriage, or if they're simply curious if they should have another child. This session is to connect with the soul of a child for any of these reasons. Emily can give insight on any messages the spirit baby has to say before they decide to incarnate, any messages an incarnated baby has to say before they enter the world, and any fears or reassurance a spirit baby may need before deciding to incarnate. Emily can answer any questions you may have about the conception process, and provide you with things that may need to be done before a spirit baby can incarnate. This reading is for all things conception, fertility, and spirit babies!



$188 USD

1 hour Zoom Call 


I connect to your loved ones through my psychic senses: seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing. During a reading, your loved ones blend with my energy to provide me with evidence of their presence, as well as healing messages that they have to share with you. At the beginning of the reading, I provide you with some basic information on what you can expect in our time together. I kindly ask that before the reading that you DO NOT provide me with any information about the loved one you may be looking to connect to. Please simply come into the reading open and ready for whoever is going to come though for you during the reading. Please note that I do not have control over who comes through, I simply open myself up and interpret the signs and symbols that your loved ones are showing me. Prior to the reading, you may, however tell your loved one that you will be having a reading (tell them the day and time that we have set!) and ask if they would come through for you at that time. A mediumship reading with Emily is an amazing opportunity to receive closure and grief relief from the loss of loved ones. Please only book a mediumship reading if you have a strong yearning to connect to a passed over loved one.



$200 USD

2 hour Zoom Call 


Human Design is a brilliant system that combines multiple different frameworks to help you gain an understanding of your energy type, and how you can use it to enhance your life, business, and relationships. As a human design chart reader, Emily will help you intimately understand your energy type, your authority, your strategy, your profile, and your incarnation cross. As human beings, we are meant to be living our life according to our design. During a reading with Emily, she intuitively interprets your chart and highlights key areas of focus and where de-conditioning may be necessary. (returning to harmony in your life based on your Human Design chart). If you've ever wanted to gain a more intimate understanding of yourself and your own energy, this reading is for you!

What's included:


- A detailed write up of the key elements of your Human Design chart (on average 6-7 pages)

- A 2 hour virtual reading with Emily where she will break down your Human Design Chart in fine detail

- A copy of the audio recording plus unlimited access to the detailed Human Design chart writeup


All that is needed prior to a Human Design reading is your birthday (month, day, year), birth place, and your precise birth time. Please include these details in the booking notes when you book your reading! Emily will then input and interpret this information and have it ready prior to your reading. If there are aspects that you are looking for clarity on within your life, and would like to have these explained through the framework of Human Design, please also include this in the booking notes. Thank you!



$99 USD

*PLEASE NOTE: The process for email readings is as follows: you book the FIRST AVAILABLE date in my calendar, this is simply to submit your booking and your payment. Then, Emily will have your email reading out to you as soon as possible. Please note - timing is important and Emily likes to have intention in every email reading she does, and so she will not rush. Please reach out to Emily for a more precise timeline once your email reading is booked. If your question/intention doesn't fit in the box at booking, please email Emily this info at emily@anuvibrance.com. The email reading gives you an opportunity to ask 1-2 psychic questions, on specific issues or scenarios, and I will provide you with a detailed write up on what I'm sensing about the topic in question, as well as give you clarity on the steps you need to take to move forward. The email reading also sometimes comes with a card pull for further comfort and clarity.



*PLEASE NOTE: This discovery call is not a reading, and no guidance will be given, it is simply intended to discover if mentorship is right for you*

I believe that every human being is born intuitive. We are born naturally tapped into our inner voice. Over time and throughout childhood, these natural gifts can become suppressed. I created this 1:1 mentorship program to take you on a journey back to your innate intuitive ability and give you the tools you need to continue to develop them. Discovery calls are intended to determine if this is the right fit for you.


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