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Emily, you are BRILLIANT!!! Most coaches/mentors/healers that I have worked with, work with the possibility of who I am. You work with my whole self and what is happening for me now, so that I can quickly and effectively integrate the learnings from each session. After each session my energy feels more clear and I feel like I have better understanding of how to use my energy body more effectively. 

From the moment our healing session began, I felt a wall come down, deep within me. Since learning I have chronic late stage lyme, that wall has been built higher and higher each every day. I felt stuck in this place dampened by raw, vulnerable and fear based energy. Worried of others judging, taking advantage of or disregarding me. Things like maintaining eye contact went from normal to one of the hardest things for me to do. But, within moments of my call with Emily, that wall, that fear came down. It was just the authentic me - pain and all, sitting in my treatment center hooked up to my IV. I felt naked but not scared. I could feel that she saw the real me - the me that has become buried beneath my illness. 


She explained the format our session, her abilities, her techniques and all the while, I couldn't help but feel like our souls have known one another before. She has that kind of energy that makes everyone feel seen, heard, loved and understood. I'm not sure what I really expected to get out of this one session but, I can tell you that what I received was far greater than I had imagined. The only way to describe what happened was my soul was cracked wide open for the first time in my life. My stepfather, who was the only father figure I ever knew, passed away from cancer almost three years ago. And during my session with Emily, he spoke to me. He assured me that he is with me at every single treatment, there on my right side...always. He shared a much needed message for my mom and in turn gave us all a sense of reassurance. Reassurance that he was ok, that we did all we could and that above all...he is forever with us. 


As beautiful and moving as our session was, what proved to be truly miraculous was all that came to be once this session occurred. The pain I was feeling at the base of my lungs, near my diaphragm that left my physically hunched over in pain and unable to sleep at night... disappeared. the guilt I felt surrounding my step fathers death...disappeared. The IV treatment that typically takes 5+ hours a day, suddenly only took 3 hours the day after our session, leaving myself and my medical team at a loss for words - her clearing was the only thing that made sense to justify this shift in tolerance to such a high dose of IV treatments. 

You can say and think what you will but, to me the pivotal moment of all of this healing, growth, clarity and evolution began with a one hour healing session. Sometimes all you need to see clearly is to be cracked wide open. To be reminded of the power that is already within you. To be reminded to listen to and nurture that intuition instead of fighting it. I wish I had the words to thank Emily...and I hope this will do it justice. Emily, I am forever grateful for that Tuesday morning because I know that is the moment my world changed forever. 


Thank you. Thank you for your light, your healing and your incredible gift. The world needs more souls like yours. More healers. More people who take the time to master the art of their purpose and use it to help guide others to the golden light buried deep within them. 

Emily entered my life at the most perfect of times. Her warmth, willingness to listen and extraordinary need to serve was evident in our first call. Emily has a powerful gift that allows you to feel at ease with where you are at in your life and business. From there, she wholeheartedly reassures and guides you (ever so gently) into where you know you want to be. I love that she follows up and assigns work to consolidate what we worked on in our session. I thoroughly look forward to our sessions and based on the progress we have had in such a short time, welcome the continued transformation. Emily is the coach, mentor and friend every woman needs. 

My reading with Emily was inspiring, enlightening and all-in-all a truly magical experience. I left the reading with a better understanding of myself, and a better appreciation of my journey. Every bit of guidance and knowledge she brought forward felt meaningful and authentic. After our healing session I felt a sense of relief, calm, and peace. I felt as though my body had truly let go of years of harbouring negativity. I felt renewed and refreshed. I would definetly recommend Emily for any healing or psychic work, especially if, like me, you're not sure what to expect. She makes you feel comfortable, she makes it a fun experience and you'll leave with understanding and assurance. It was such a lovely and magical experience and I've already booked my next one! 

  • Kylie Clark, Peterborough, ON 

My My reading with Emily was absolutely amazing. I started off very nervous, but very quickly Emily was able to put me at ease and calm my nerves. She is very soft spoken and the way she interprets messages is very healing. During our session I was looking for answers and hoping that my late grandfather would come through to help me make a decision I was at a cross roads with. Not only did I recieve the answers to my questions, Emily was able to channel my grandfather and voice him exactly the way he was in the physical world. Slowly during the session I felt as if all of my worries were subsiding. Towards the end of the session Emily spoke about some things that still give me goosebumps. Throughout the entire session Emily provided me with solid validation. I cannot thank Emily enough for the peace she has brought to me through this reading. This kind of peace is indescribable. Thank you Emily for this amazing reading.

  • Shivali Sharma, Brampton, ON 

Before I had a session with Emily, I used to see readings on TV and I was very skeptical. For some reason, when I discovered Emily's work, I decided I needed to reach out and book a session with her. With just one email Emily replied like she knew I was going to message her and she had been waiting for me! During my first reading I was very nervous, with zero expectations, but Emily proved to me that it wasn't all smoke and mirrors.  As soon as we got on the call, she immediately knew why I had reached out and answered questions before I even had the chance to ask them.Near the end of the reading, I felt as if a weight had been lifted and all the of the questions I had (and some I didn't even know I had!) were all answered! I would highly recommend booking a reading with Emily!

  •                             Varun Sharma, Birmingham, England 

Emily is the most gentle and gifted of healers. I am so blessed that Spirit joined us and I answered the call to reach out to her. She really is love expressed in human form!


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