September 4, 2017

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Energy Centers of the World

October 8, 2017

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Coming out of the Spiritual Closet

March 3, 2017


My spiritual gifts manifested for my when I was 3 years old. Ever since I was this young I have been clairvoyant, claircognizant, and incredibly sensitive and intuitive. 

In recent months, I have been noticing a lot of childhood recall memories popping up and I wanted to share one of the most synchronistic ones with you...


When I was 8 years old, I used to tell my friends that I wasn't able to play or ride bikes because I would be travelling to another dimension through a portal in my closet that afternoon. Every day after school I would sit on the floor of my closet and pretend that I was travelling through dimensions via this portal in my closet. I was so confident in my innate intuitive abilities and my imagination that I wasn't afraid to tell my friends that this is what I was doing. In a way, my closet was my safe place to express myself spiritually. 

Unfortunately, as I continued to grow older, these gifts started to be suppressed because society made me feel that I was very weird and different. For 13 years, I remained in the spiritual closet. I was someone who practiced spiritual rituals and channeled guidance but was very private about it. In the past few years, I have done a lot of hard work to dig up past traumas around repressed spirituality. I found it was like a little wink from the universe when I realized that all of my spiritual work literally began within a closet. 13 years later, I am finally embracing my gifts to the fullest ability and using them to help YOU heal. 

So come on out of the spiritual closet my loves. I promise you, it's safe out here.


With love,


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