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Twins and Astrology

If you're anything like me, you are completely enthralled by everything and anything astrology. As I've mentioned in my previous post about Astrology and Natural Houses, over the past year or so I've been doing a deep dive into all things astrology. It's likely that if you know me personally, I've asked you for your birth date, place of birth, and exact time of birth so that I could map your birth chart. I literally have a Google drive dedicated to birth charts of my friends and family (and occasionally random strangers).

Recently, when mapping my partner's chart, who happens to be an identical twin, the inspiration for this post began. I realized, that although identical twins, my partners chart and his twin brothers chart were COMPLETELY different. Ooooh, goody. This is going to be fun. Let's dive in.

When I starting researching archives about twins and astrology I realized that there was so much information to be devoured.

First, I set out to find how often each the planets change. Here's what I found:

Sun signs: Changes about every 30 days

Moon signs: Changes about every 2-2.5 days

Ascendant signs: Changes on average every 2 hours

For further insight, I'll attach each twins chart.

Twin #1

Twin #2

So although their sun signs may be the same, a lot of other aspects of their chart are very different. Things start to get really good if you take a peek at their moon signs; Aquarius for Twin #1 and Pisces for Twin #2. This is especially interesting because I feel it highlights each twins differences. I can say from experience that both twins emotional temperament and rhythms are completely different. For example, Aquarius moon twin is highly rational, intellectual, and tends to lack empathy in personal situations. Pisces moon twin, on the other hand is gentle, non-competitive, and has a need to withdraw and "get away from it all".

Their rising signs are also different as well. Twin #1 is a Capricorn rising and Twin #2 is a Libra rising. Capricorn rising twin seems wise beyond his age, worldly, and is very ambitious, but quietly so. Libra rising twin is very charming, likeable and always appears to be smoothing everything over. Social relations and communication are this Libra rising twin's forte. (especially because Venus, which is the ruling planet of Libra, is in Gemini, the sign of the social butterfly).

There is still much to be discovered when comparing these two natal birth charts, so I welcome anyone who is curious about astrology to pick apart the twin's chart further, and email me at with any insights about differences in their personality/temperament based on their birth chart!

Enjoy the dreamy Pisces full moon this week on Wednesday September 6th,

With love,


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