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5 Tips on How to Develop Your Mediumship Capabilities

Psychic Ability and Mediumship can be developed

Not all medium's are born with the capability to connect with the other side, some can learn, develop and fine tune their skill from the ground up. Get this: every single human on this entire earth right now has an innate ability to connect with the other side. It is just a matter of if we choose to actualize this ability or not. Knowing this gave me a lot of reassurance in the early days as a spiritual student as for a while I was convinced that only a select few could be considered intuitives, mediums, and psychics.

A Reputable Mentor Will Make All the Difference

Put out feelers to find a mediumship/psychic circle in your community with a teacher who has lots of expertise to share with you. It's important to use caution opening your mediumship channel without the help and guidance of someone who has gone through the very same becoming process that you are undergoing now. Training with others so that you can gain hands on experience is truly invaluable.

Keep Your Vibration High

Keep your channel clear so that you may be of the utmost service to your clients. Prepared healers pass less negative tendencies to their clients during a session. This means having a daily "meditation" practice (I hesitate to call it meditation because I believe a meditation practice can be carried out in many different ways), eating beautiful high vibration foods such as fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of clean water, and abstaining from any kind of drugs or alcohol for AT LEAST 24 hours before and after a session.

Developing Psychic Ability Takes Time and Practice

This isn't going to happen overnight. We have spent almost our entire lives thus far being conditioned to ignore intuition, ignore our feelings and visions, forget our dreams, focus on the material world, and do what society tells us to do. Developing psychic ability means that we are unconditioning ourselves, so to speak, of many years of toxic misinformation.

Set Clear Boundaries

Let spirit know when a good time to talk is. For instance, I for one know that sleep is very important for me and as such I DO NOT want to be receiving messages from the other side past 8pm. So put your boundaries out there and spirit will respect them!

Be sure to have patience with yourself on your journey to open your mediumship channel, and surround yourself with loving and supportive figures who can help you further this connection.....

Part two of the "Developing Your Mediumship Capabilities" series will go live in the next couple of weeks....

With love and light,


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