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When Your Spiritual Path Takes a Back Seat

Some days, we meditate, do yoga, drink green juice, and we're dedicated to working on our spiritual path.

Other days, we do a bunch of things that don't really make sense.

Today, the weather was beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky. Before I went to bed last night I had a laundry list of things that I PROMISED myself I would get done today.

They included:

  • wake up and meditate before even getting out of bed

  • do some morning yoga stretches to wake your body up

  • make and drink a green juice

  • reading with client

  • pull angel cards in the sunshine

  • make myself a nice nutritious lunch

  • go to evening yoga class

Let me tell you something- none of these things on my do to list happened. Heres what actually happened:

  • woke up and cried about possibly having toxic shock syndrome

  • texted my best friend about it- who reassured me that everything is totally ok

  • move on to getting stressed out about waking up too early and being tired all day

  • manage to take my dog for a little walk outside- hooray!

  • bought myself a nice lunch because... rough morning

  • try and sit in the sun and eat it but it is too god damn hot

  • retreat to my air conditioned bedroom and read Glennon Doyle Melton's Carry On, Warrior all afternoon

  • get anxious because I got nothing done today

The reason I was anxious is be society makes us feel like we have to accomplish a certain number of tasks or projects in a day in order to be successful or productive.

Danielle Laporte has a quote in her new book, White Hot Truth, that I really love.

"As many women will attest, the greatest, most monumental trigger of self- criticism in the history of lady kind is.... Our Fucking To-Do Lists"

Right???! Say it louder for the ladies in the back.

Your. To-Do. List. Is. The. Problem.

Raise your hand if you have felt worthless, guilty, or angry at yourself for not getting anything done as deemed by society? Meeeeeee.

Social media is also a really big trigger for me when it comes to this. If I'm having a "detour day" the last thing I want to see is that Jenny from California meditated 6 times, chanted 3 mantras 108 times, and drink 4 green juices all before 8 am.

Good for you Jenny, but that's just not happening for me today.

Here's what I'm proposing: it is okay to let your spiritual path take a backseat for a day, or a few days, or even a few weeks or months.

It is totally normal to lose your footing, as it is all part of the human experience.

You will always find your way back to the Universe, and the Universe will always be there waiting with open arms when you come back.

Give yourself a break, eat some vegan mac and cheese instead of a raw salad, and watch the new season of Orange is the New Black.

It's okay, I promise.

With love,


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