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Welcome to Anu Vibrance

Welcome to Anu Vibrance.

I am so glad that you're here.

I wanted to write this blog post to give you a better idea of what my healing works entails and why its different than anything you've ever heard of before.

Anu Vibrance embodies my healing work that is based off of my Celtic roots, in this life and in many past lives. My soul purpose is to help you heal, by mixing intelligence and intuition with creative wisdom.

As human beings on this Earth, we are very lucky to have beautiful vessels to experience life in: our physical bodies. When we are born, we are still so connected to heaven and to divine source, so we vibrantly express ourselves.As we grow older, we become influenced by the material world, and slowly drift farther and farther away from source and our natural intuitive nature. We become out of touch with our beautiful bodies by working too hard, not getting enough rest, fueling ourselves with crappy food, and by always being in “on” mode: we don’t take time to rest, reflect, and meditate. In turn, we open the doors to physical and energetic imbalance in the body. When pain, illness, or disease manifest, we are likely to head straight to our doctor and are prescribed medication that does not address the root of the problem.

In the many years that I have been meditating on my soul purpose, I received many messages. The download that struck me the most and made me realize I had to get to work, was this:

“Human beings suffer every day from all kinds of illnesses because they can’t afford holistic spiritual treatment and the only thing that is available to them is Western medicine techniques. You are the one who will save them”

WOW!!! Talk about a wakeup call from Spirit. I am here to act as a conduit for the Universe’s beautiful healing work. I am here to make you feel vibrant again. To become comfortable in your physical body so that you can fulfill YOUR souls work.

I work by intuitively scanning your physical and energetic bodies with the help of Spirit for diseases, ailments and imbalances. From there, I create a clay model of your physical body and show you the points that are causing you trouble that you may or may not even know about. I want to physically show you with help of my clay models as well as by mapping energetic flow in your body so you can see with your own eyes where the blockages lie.

I will give you tools and coaching help on how you can begin to heal these ailments and release energetic blockages, so can can live a more vibrant life and go on to LIVE YOUR SOUL PURPOSE.

With love and admiration,


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