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Interested in getting started with dOterra?

Before I found essential oils, I was putting unnecessary toxins into my body that clogged my vessel and didn't allow me to connect to my intuition and soul to my fullest capacity. When I started using doTERRA essential oils to support my spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental health, my health, wellbeing, and my connection to Spirit changed dramatically. When we reduce or completely eliminate our toxic load thanks to natural health products, magic happens. Here are some direct examples from my life:



My severe eczema on my hands, elbows and cleared up, my migraines completely disappeared, and my digestion improved like never before. I now have so much more energy, and vibrancy in my everyday life! 



As a psychic medium and healer, it's very important for me to clear, protect and open my energy channels effectively every day before I give readings. I use my essential oils to support the opening of my psychic channels, and I also use doTERRA essential oils to support my clients in my energy healing practice. I also use oils to support me in my meditation practice. 


My overall wellbeing and mood improved, my anger and frustration outbursts (I have a bit of a Pitta imbalance and I have a Grand Trine of Fire astrologically speaking- it can get a little fiery up in here!) completely dissipated, and I feel much better equipped to handle the "blue days" because I have my oils to support me. 


I suffered from generalized anxiety disorder, depression and panic attacks that I used to take a slew of pharmaceutical medication for, that has now been completely replaced by plant medicine. ​

Are you interested in seeing how essential oils can support you in all of these areas, and more? 

Book a free 30 minute wellness consult here.  We can chat about any health or wellness concerns you may be having at the moment, and how doTERRA essential oils can support you physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. I intuitively choose oils that are uniquely tailored for you and your needs, and help get you signed up with doTERRA so that you can welcome these oils into your life! 

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