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Welcome to Ascension School x The Psychic Academy!!!

The most magical partnership of all time!!! Ascension School x The Psychic Academy are two gorgeous programs combined into one. This is a classroom container (which you can join or leave at any time) for accelerated guidance, magic, and miracles. This offering is PACKED with everything you need to know to relearn, remember, and expand so that you can ascend into the highest most magic version of who you're here to be. Releasing who you've been taught to be and stepping into who you actually are. Stepping into, amplifying, and deepening your ability to connect with yourself, with Spirit, and with the collective. You're here for a very specific and beautiful reason...let's uncover and amplify THAT.

reteaching you everything you already knew in the first place.

This program is for you if you're ready to dive fully into your own Ascension, Intuition, and Psychic Connection on a level you've never gone before. We're here to bring it all to the surface. To guide you. To go all in. Whatever that looks like for YOU.

Your Teachers

Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth

I'm an Intuitive Transformation Leader + Coach and Host of Made of Magic: The Podcast. I'm on a mission to change the idea that the magic we seek is somewhere outside of ourselves. I'm here to help you awaken, embody, and amplify the magic you ALREADY have. Everything you seek, you already are. I guide you back to that and everything beautiful, real, and next level unfolds from there. It's time to ascend. Your life changes the moment you decide to start the journey back to yourself. I'm here to guide you.

Emily Greene

I am a Psychic Medium and an Intuitive Development expert and guide. I believe that all humans are not only just humans but hyper sensitive extra sensory beings who have the capacity to move through their human experience with a high degree of psychic perception. We can use this high degree of psychic perception to create more harmonious lives, businesses and relationships. I’m here to remind you of the innate psychic power you already possess.

What is Ascension School x The Psychic Academy & what can you expect!?


Ascension School x The Psychic Academy is a combination of two programs designed to deepen your connection with Self & Spirit.

We've been conditioned in so many ways. And it's completely on purpose. Because if we TRULY knew our own magic, our own worth, our own soul path and purpose individually AND collectively the ENTIRE world would change. But it's no longer OPTIONAL. It's time to relearn. It's time to step in. It's time to ascend, embody and LISTEN.

Ascension is a remembering of your own magic. A shedding of all the things we've been taught that weren't even ours to begin with. A stepping into our highest self. Relearning. Reconnecting. Redefining. It’s coming home.


And in order to do that, you have to be connected to yourself, your Soul, and Spirit. You ARE psychic. You ALREADY know. We're guiding you back to that.

Ascension School x The Psychic Academy simplifies and expands the process of connecting with yourself, with Spirit, and with your Soul. Healing, manifesting, developing and living the life you are actually here to live. It's the stuff you already knew in the first place.

It's who you are already.

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It's impossible to explain what happens when you bring womxn together with the shared intention of growing, evolving, awakening, and learning. ZERO words. But here's what we can tell you. We're ready. BIG TIME. Your Soul + Your Human. Your psychic connection. Your magic. Your intuition. Your determination. Your voice. Your strength. Your softness. Your knowing. It's all needed. Appreciated. Deeply worthy. And it's about to get VERY turned up. See you in class.

What's included in Ascension School x The Psychic Academy...

▷ Private IG Classroom (good news!! you don't need FB to get in on this offer. ALL classroom lessons will be held on IG) with weekly live lessons and tons of space for connection, learning, and practicing!!

▷ALL current and previous months calls are recorded and in your classroom for instant access!!

▷ Monthly School Workbooks + Energetic Theme Recorded Class with S&E!! Each month you'll receive a downloadable workbook + class with everything you need for that month. Practices, rituals, prompts, guidance, and so much more.

▷ Twice Monthly Live Masterclass Call (one with Emily & one with Stephanie) - twice a month we'll jump onto a zoom call to connect, learn, teach and go deeper. This will be the time to give, receive, and share.

▷ Group Connection Space - One of the most powerful aspects of a group program is the fact that you can rely on and support each other. Ascension School x The Psychic Academy will be an intentional space for deepening our connection with each other and the collective.

*As an actively Anti-Racist space, Anti-Racism Education will be a prerequisite to participation. Rachel Ricketts Spiritual Activism Webinars will be purchased for all participants and must be taken before class begins.

Each month will include weekly live IG classes, Workbooks, Masterclasses, Full + New Moon Rituals, Deep Connection, Support, Learning + Guidance.




Ascension School x The Psychic Academy is only $397 USD/Month!!

This is an ongoing program designed in a way that you can join any time!!!

Once you join, you'll instantly receive access to previously recorded classes + monthly workbooks PLUS our private IG classroom!!

*If at any time you want to cancel your participation in Ascension School x The Psychic Academy, you can with 15 days notice!!

Refunds will not be made for payments already processed.

Ready??? Hit the button below to join!!!!

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